4 in 10 children will begin kindergarten already behind.

Kindergarten is school. Help your child be prepared for their first day of kindergarten and set them on a path to success for the rest of their education. Access classes and resources in your own Salem/Keizer-area neighborhood to ensure they reach their developmental goals.


There’s an assessment to help determine your child’s progress. The Ages and Stages Questionnaires (for children from birth to age 6) reveals a child’s strengths as well as areas where they may benefit from extra practice or support.

If a child’s developmental challenge is identified late, it can impact their life in significant ways. Early detection can help a child get appropriate care and help foster developmental growth

Get parenting tips in English or Spanish, texted straight to your phone.

  • Developmental tips based on a child’s age
  • Timely info on local resources and events
  • Links to more online learning materials, including videos you can access on any smartphone
  • Information on challenging behaviors (sleep, eating, potty training, tantrums) when you need it most

Learn more about the ways you can support your child’s early learning development.

Salem is full of family-friendly activities to encourage your child’s curiosity and development! Check out this calendar of events and classes, managed by the Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub.


You have a neighbor ready to help!

Leslye Garcia Quevedo

Bilingual Ready For Kindergarten Coordinator 

Marion & Polk Early Learning Hub, Inc.

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